Show Me The Money!

What would you do if somebody gave you £25,000 towards your youth work?

Two days ago, I was told that someone had left £25,000 in a legacy that was specifically to be set aside for the youth work at the church. Quite frankly, I’m a little stunned. This is a huge amount of money and no doubt needs to be used wisely. So that’s why I’m pondering the above question; what do I do with it?

I’ve already got a few things in mind. Firstly, it will mean that we can definitely pay for some of our volunteer leaders to join me on a few of the youth work conferences/training days I manage to get to each year. As I was away on conference this year, I was struck by how I’d missed an opportunity to take some of our volunteers along for what would have been a really useful time for them. Although it would have been tough for some of them to find the time, it wouldn’t have been completely impossible, however I would have felt pretty bad asking them to dig deep into what for some is already a limited cash flow, especially as they already give so much in terms of time and hard work. This money will mean that won’t need to be an issue and hopefully the opportunity to take some more leaders on conference will be a great benefit to the group.

Secondly, it will be good to have some money set aside for camps/weekends away/general activities that can help pay for those young people whose families  might find it a financial struggle. We’ve never stopped anyone going on something because of money, and we never would, but at least now we know we have a bit of a cushion for that.

I haven’t really put much more thought into it yet so that’s about as far as I’ve got. But in order to aid me in my thinking process I’ve designed a handy poll for people to vote on. Below you will find a number of options I have suggested for how I could spend the money, although there is also the option for you to post your own ideas which might perhaps be more practical/Godly. I shall eagerly await your ideas!



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