The Name’s Youth Worker, Over Worked Youth Worker!

Apologies for not posting sooner. It’s been an insanely busy month and I’ve also had time off, during which the last thing I really wanted to do was think about youth work.

We ran our annual Easter holiday club in the week before Holy week this year. It’s normally reserved for the week after Easter, but with Easter being so late this year, Sussex schools have gone for a two week holiday before Easter. I didn’t think  we could get away with running the club during holy week as there was just going to be too much going on in the rest of the church so we went for the week before.

Our theme this year was spies and secret agents, drawing on the Mission:Rescue material from Scripture Union. It works through the story of Moses, focuses on God rescuing his people and then linking that in with God’s ultimate plan to rescue us through Jesus. It’s a really clear link and it was good to see the kids seeing that quite clearly and really understanding what Jesus had done for them. Overall it was a great week with plenty of fun, even if I did get soaked at the end of the week, but that’s just part of the peril of being the overall leader.

Quite frankly, it was a miracle that the club occurred at all this year. I normally run it alongside our children’s worker, but unfortunately she was signed off work with exhaustion two weeks before the club, meaning that all the planning fell to me. If you’ve never run a holiday club before, you can have no idea how much prep needs to be done before the event itself. Trying to sort out 30 leaders and 73 kids is no mean feat, especially if it’s just you. By the time the club rolled around, I was ready to be signed off with exhaustion. But despite some teething problems on the first day, somehow it came together.

What amazes me is that despite it feeling like we were flying along on a wing and a prayer, the kids had a great time and they were completely oblivious to the mild/extreme panic going on behind the scenes at times. If anything, the week was a reminder that God is pleased to work through our weakness, and thank goodness, otherwise none of us would have much of a chance.

Anyway, that feels like a long time ago now. Since then I’ve had a good chunk of time off, been home to see the rentals amongst others and have attacked our garden, revealing a large area of undiscovered patio, so I’ve been feeling relatively productive. Tomorrow, it’s back to work. Who knows what this term will bring. But I resolve to try and write on this blog a bit more often whatever happens. Hopefully now I’m not singlehandedly trying to organise a holiday club, I’ll have a little bit more time on my hands.


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