Staff Away Time Day 3

The final day! Sitting at home now and able to use the laptop. So much quicker than typing on a phone.

We had a few more sessions today thinking about our core values, this time applying them to our own ministries and our own discipleship. It was interesting to think through where we’re all weak and strong in relation to the things we say we value as a church and to think about how we might move forward in these areas. I led us through the last chunk of 1 Corinthians that we were looking at and we came away with a clear understanding that it’s the message of Christ crucified that is what we need to be proclaiming and to put our trust in. It’s that message that brings people to faith and it’s the root we need to go back to when we’re struggling. Our entire ministry and discipleship must centre around it. Knowing this is both an encouragement and a challenge. On the one hand, its very freeing to remember that all we need to really focus on is the cross. On the other hand, it was obvious to all of us that it’s so easy to put our trust in other things.

The challenge on getting home is for all the things we’ve thought about this week not to remain theoretical and become forgotten. The rubber has to hit the road and we have to go and put these things into practice.

Overall, the time away has been really fruitful and given me a lot of food for thought. Hopefully I’ll write a bit more about that once I’ve had a chance to think things over in more depth.


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