Unpacking Exodus

So after recommending Dig Deeper, it’s rather apt that the next book I want to recommend is it’s follow up, “Dig Even Deeper: Unearthing Old Testament Treasure” also by Andrew Sach & Nigel Beynon.

If you’ve read  Dig Deeper, then you’ll have been left with a pretty hefty toolkit ready to put into action as you delve deeper into your Bible. But you might still be feeling a little shaky about using some of those tools in the real world. You want to have a crack but are a bit worried in case some of your application ends up a bit wonky or the main point of your talk, which you’ve spent hours painstakingly building, suddenly falls down. That’s where Dig Even Deeper comes in handy.

The second book gives you a chance to see the tools in action on a far bigger scale than the previous volume allowed for. It’s really one long worked example, taking the reader through the entire book of Exodus whilst putting to use many of the tools the reader has acquired in the first book. It still has a number of exercises for  readers to work through themselves but most of the book is dedicated to the authors unpacking the text itself.

We’re currently going through Exodus with our older youth group and the book’s proved invaluable in dividing up the text as well as in unpacking it in preparation for the sessions. I’ve also been using it for my own quiet times over the Christmas and new year period and it’s certainly made me look forward to picking up my Bible each day and has really opened up Exodus to me.

I probably wouldn’t recommend the book to anyone who hasn’t read Dig Deeper. The authors seem to assume you’re familiar with the bible tools and so you might struggle a bit if you haven’t read the previous instalment. However, if you have read the first book, I’d recommend getting this follow up. It will definitely give you the chance to see the tools put to use in more depth and is also a great companion to working through Exodus, either individually or with a group.



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