Due to All Saints moving to a new website, a number of these talks may no longer be available. I will re-add them if they go back online.

This is a collection of sites I have found useful when doing research for talks and Bible studies, mainly from some solid Bible teaching churches. I will also try and add any individual talks that I think might be worth a listen. Again, I hope they’re of use to you.

All Saints, Crowborough

All Saints Crowborough is a large evangelical church in East Sussex. They have a large collection of recordings across their various services and on a number of topics.

St. Andrew’s the Great, Cambridge

One of the big players of the conservative evangelical world, known for their solid Bible teaching. Again, they have a large collection of recordings dating back as late as 1986.

Ruth 4:13-22

A talk I gave at an evening service in July 2012. The last in a 5 part series available on the All Saints website.

Matthew 13:51-58

A talk that I gave on some difficult verses from Matthew 13, during December 2011. I wasn’t very happy with this talk but it may be of use to some.

John 6:35-40

A talk I gave at our cafe church in March 2011 focusing on how Jesus is the answer to being satisfied with our lives. The video I showed at the end can be viewed here.

Acts 6:1-7

A talk I gave at our evening service in February 2011. The first few minutes got cut but I basically said how it’s easy for us to look at those in word ministry and think they’re the ones who are making a real difference for the gospel and how as a result of that we can sometimes think that practical ministries in our church are insignificant.

Acts 9:1-19a

A talk about the conversion of Saul that I gave at our evening service in May 2011.

How Can We Face Death?

A talk given given by Andrew Cornes in October 2011, about how we can face the subject of death as Christians.


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