The Conversion of Saul

Last Sunday I spoke at our evening service on the conversion of Saul in Acts 9:1-19a. If you want to check it out it can be heard it full here.

I hope it’s encouraging for you.


My First Talk In The Big Boy Church

I mentioned the other day that I had spoken for the first time at our evening service and if it had been recorded I would pop it up on here. Well it turns out it was recorded so I am indeed popping it up. Unfortunately it does seem that the first few minutes got cut but I think all I said in that time was that we can sometimes look at those in church leadership, the big bible teaching and preaching types and think they’re the ones really making a difference for the Kingdom and think that our practical ministries are a bit insignificant. Then I go on to say what I think the passage has to say about that, complete with a 24 based example!

The talk was on Acts 6:1-7 and can be heard here.
Thoughts and comments appreciated.